Diamond wire / USSR string 0.2 mm (200 microns)
Product description
We will cut off the size you need, the price is for half a meter (50 cm). Diameter: 200 microns (0.2 mm) Diamond wire (filament/string) from the USSR, but was purchased in America. Advantages: - allows you to cut any materials, even those that do not take saws and some discs. - thin cut, which is important, for example, in jewelry work. - can be threaded and sawn off in hard-to-reach places and even without disassembling the product for access to the cutting tool. - you can make curly and complex cuts. - you can cut manually, or you can, to speed up, mechanize (machines) or even automate with complex cuts. - accuracy. - easy and fast maneuverability to cut in any direction.
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Diamond wire / USSR string 0.2 mm (200 microns) - 78900

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7.53 USD/pcs 7.53 USD

Minimum order: 1 m

Supply ability: 1 m/per month

Mekhanika Elektrika
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