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You have a unique opportunity to find a Buyers in India who buys the same product as you produce, find out at what prices he buys, what volumes, with what frequency and from which country. All that separates you from a deal with an Indian buyer is the absence of a company name. Whatever you want to export or import, we can help you - contact us and you will have a real customer You need to send us your HS code for the product of the goods that interests you with the international name of it. Using this code, we will provide you with the latest Indian customs import / export data for the last year. The table will show all imports / exports registered at all customs points in India (sea and air). Entries in this table can be from 500 to 30,000 depending on the demand for the product. Data is paid - for 1 HS code 1000 $ USD, in cases of code variations 750$ USD for each. (prepayment) You will get a complete bird's-eye view of the total import volume and their import rates or cost, as well as who exactly are the importers / exporters of your products. You can start negotiating with these importers. You can also, use our services of your representative in India to contact those companies on your behalf and sell your product & support and conduct transactions. Nargiza Nyyazmammedova

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