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Device for cable rewinding UPK-14PRGK with RKU

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Advantages of the UPK-14PRGK cable rewinding device with RKU: A technological reel is supplied as standard, which allows winding cables weighing up to 300 kg and centering sleeves. The receiving stand is equipped with a hydraulic lift for lifting and lowering drums with a cable, which allows the cable to be unwound without the involvement of lifting mechanisms. The presence of wheel supports allows the operator to easily move the machine around the warehouse. The presence in the design of the Device for cable rewinding of the cable layer allows to obtain a tighter laying of the rewound material. The machine is equipped with a SEW-Eurodrive geared motor. The frequency converter allows you to smoothly change the rewinding speed from 4 to 60 rpm. Availability of the option to stop when reaching the programmed length Protection of the electric motor against voltage surges, short circuits, overheating. The device for cable rewinding UPK-14PRGK with RKU is a middle-class machine with a manual cable-laying machine, designed for winding cable and wire products with a diameter of not more than 30 mm. The device for cable rewinding UPK-14PRGK with RKU is designed to use cable reels from 8 to 14 numbers, as well as up to 14 drum numbers with the use of centering sleeves.
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