Universal aerosol fire extinguisher Barrier
Product description
A line of fire extinguishing aerosols for domestic use. Designed for residential use. In the apartment, in the country, on road and water transport. Extinguishing class: A, B, C, E (up to 1000 V) Intensive cooling of the ignition source High smoke-setting ability in the fire extinguishing zone Does not create an environment unsuitable for breathing, thanks to an environmentally friendly fire extinguishing composition. The fire extinguisher can operate in the temperature range from -20°C to +50°C. A simple and understandable procedure for bringing the device into action, which a child can handle. Service life 5 years. Volume 1000 ml Products are certified. Wholesale only! Minimum lot from 48 pcs (2 boxes) Delivery to the regions from St. Petersburg
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Universal aerosol fire extinguisher Barrier - 80477

3.81 USD/pcs 3.81 USD

Minimum order: 48 pcs

Supply ability: 5000 pcs/per month

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