Flocculant GREENLIFE
Flocculant GREENLIFE
Product description
We supply flocculants of the following brands: anionic flocculants - GREENLIFE A, cationic flocculants - GREENLIFE K, non-ionic flocculants - GREENLIFE N. This flocculant is used for treatment of recycled and waste water; sludge dewatering in public utilities; drinking water purification; in the oil and gas industry for enhanced oil recovery, for the preparation of water-based drilling fluids; in the mining industry for the enrichment of raw materials at any stage and for the dehydration of flotation concentrates, dehydration of tailings; in agriculture to increase the viscosity of water and create more porous soil; in the pulp and paper industry, anionic flocculants are used to maintain the high quality of paper produced while reducing the quality of raw materials; in construction for waterproofing and filling cracks, as well as adhesives in various construction and repair work.
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Flocculant GREENLIFE - 86030

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Minimum order: 25 kg

Supply ability: 1 kg/per day

LLC "Greenlife Factory"
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