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Household chemicals, Personal care products, Soap and detergent Russia, Ростовская область, г. Новочеркасск, ул. Харьковское шоссе 5А
LLC "Mylok" has the opportunity to offer you products manufactured in accordance with GOST. Namely: toilet soap, which is made according to GOST-28546-2002 and only from animal fats of the Highest and 1st category without dyes, bleaches and foam enhancers, soap chips used to wash clothes even in cold water. household soap GOST 30266-95 according to the European standard, from natural animal fats of the 2nd category. All products have a pleasant soapy aroma, unique cleaning properties and a traditional color. Possible options for the manufacture of soap: 90 gr, 100 gr, 150 gr, 200 gr.
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