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Roofing materials Russia, ул. Заводская, 20
Russia, ул. Заводская, 20

Narek LLC is engaged in the production of wall and roof sandwich panels with mineral wool insulation with a density of 64 kg / m3 (non-combustible), paneling of sheet steel with a protective polymer coating, as well as galvanized side faces.

The company's products are of high quality and has all the necessary certificates of conformity. Sandwich panels of the company Narek LLC are not inferior in quality to their foreign counterparts, and their cost is more affordable.

The advantages of sandwich panels are low weight, high thermal and sound insulation properties, high installation speed, no need for decoration, strength, resistance to environmental influences. Sandwich panels from Narek LLC are made of galvanized cold rolled steel of various colors using the most modern technologies. The service life of the color coating is more than 30 years, while the fire protection temperature is 500 ° C.

Possible delivery, price depending on the volume of the order.

We will be glad to see you among our customers and look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!

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