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Roofing materials Russia, ул. Сормовская, д. 13
Russia, ул. Сормовская, д. 13

The SimVOL manufacturing enterprise offers a wide range of products from polymer-sand compositions. The accumulated experience, modern production technologies, qualified specialists - all this allows us to produce high-quality products that fully comply with the established GOST and TU.

Products made of polymer-sand compositions have a number of significant advantages over traditional materials (cast iron, concrete, plastic). Key advantages: resistance to any external influences (mechanical, chemical, atmospheric) and low cost. As a result, both the cost of the initial cost of acquiring products and the cost of subsequent operating costs are reduced.

Polymer-sand compositions make it possible to obtain products of a wide color gamut, which allows them to successfully fit into any artistic designs of architects and designers. An additional advantage is that the surface of the product allows any additional types of finishes, including painting, varnishing, enamels, etc.

Our warehouse always maintains a large stock of finished products that have passed strict quality control and are ready for shipment.

We produce the following range of products from polymer-sand compositions:

  • Examination polymer-sand hatches

The production technology of hatches allows at the time of mixing the components to add various heat-resistant dyes and plasticizers, which expands the traditional idea of the color of hatches for manholes.

  • Storm water inlet

A storm water inlet (type DK B1) is used to install storm sewer networks on wells.

  • Polymer-sand paving slabs

It is highly resistant to extreme environmental factors: it does not corrode and does not absorb water, does not fade (30 year warranty), is able to withstand temperature extremes from -50 ° C to +100 ° C.

  • Roof tiles

The roof of polymer-sand tiles is environmentally friendly, fireproof, does not accumulate static electricity and does not require additional operating costs: it does not need to be painted, it is easy to clean and clean, for decades it does not require repair

  • Flowerbed

Flowerbeds, flower beds, flowers, we associate with beauty and comfort. And landscape compositions of flowers, organized in flowerbeds and flower beds - this is an emotional emphasis in the landscape design of the garden.

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