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Roofing materials Russia, Трактовая, 33
Russia, Трактовая, 33

For more than 14 years, the ZabPSK company (Trans-Baikal Industrial Construction Company) has been operating in the building materials market. Today it is one of the largest manufacturers of profiled sheets, metal tiles and all that is necessary for the roof or facade of a modern building. Over the years of its existence, the company has acquired two production facilities that produce tens of thousands of square meters of products per year. Due to the increase in demand for profiled sheets and metal tiles in 2010, two additional profiled bending lines were put into operation, and in 2011 the production of a new type of metal tile “SuperMonterrey” began. In addition to residents of the city, ZabPSK actively cooperates with such eminent companies as Russian Railways, LLC RUS, Tantal LLC and many others.

The Trans-Baikal Industrial Construction Company compares favorably with its competitors, because most of the goods that it offers are produced here in specially equipped workshops along 33 Traktovaya Street. building insulation, siding profiles, spotlights, profile pipes, corners, skates, valleys, low tides, sloping slats and much more. All this is made both in standard sizes and in individual, necessary for the customer. Terms of execution of orders from one to three days.

In its work, ZabPSK is trying to keep up with the development of building technologies and today it can offer several new products, namely PRINTECH, VELUR protective and decorative coating and metal siding.

PRINTECH is an offset coating applied to a galvanized sheet, imitating masonry, wood or stone. In addition to its purely decorative properties, it perfectly tolerates Siberian temperature changes, protects the metal from corrosion, mechanical damage, does not fade for a very long time, prolonging the service of corrugated board and metal for several decades.

Another new product that first appeared in Chita thanks to the Trans-Baikal Industrial Construction Company is metal siding. Probably, you should not list all the advantages of this material over conventional vinyl siding. It does not lose its color, lasts much longer, is non-combustible and does not burst from frost. At the moment, two types of metal siding are being made - “Shipboard” and “Blockhouse”. Both will become the most practical decoration of the facade that exists in our time. And the only manufacturer of metal siding in the Trans-Baikal Territory is ZabPSK.

A lot of attention in the Trans-Baikal industrial construction company is paid to the quality of the products. For example, one of the main criteria for the strength of the profiled sheet, metal tile and siding is the thickness of the steel. So ZabPSK, produces all its main products from sheets with a thickness of 0.5 mm, which allows to achieve the most acceptable technical characteristics of manufactured building materials.

In general, this company sells the whole range of necessary materials for roofing and facades. It is enough to contact any dealer or sales office and you will be provided with everything you need, up to screws with hats painted with the color of a profiled sheet or tile. And all this is done by a local company, whose experts are well aware of all the conditions of our region, from weather, to socio-economic, and therefore they, like no one else, know what materials Transbaikalia needs. And they are interested in the development of the region itself no less, and maybe even more than others, because the well-being of Transbaikalia is also the well-being of the Trans-Baikal industrial construction company.

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