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Clothing CAD program "TUKAcad Professional Edition" by online subscription (the first and only in the world).

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Company: LLC "ZARIF SHVEYNAYA MASHINA" (Agent of the American company Tukatech Inc. in Uzbekistan). Website: Title: "TUKAcad Professional Edition" Clothes CAD program by online subscription (the first and only one in the world). Purpose: Version for freelancers and fashion entrepreneurs of any size (Russian is available). Method of purchasing the program: Online subscription for licensing the program by months on the website Price: $ 199 / month. Payment method: VISA card (for making Internet payments, you must enter the following VISA card details: card number of 16 digits, card validity period of 4 digits and a special service code of 3 digits, which is indicated on the back of the card) ... Advantages of the TUKATECH clothing CAD program purchased by online subscription: 1. Affordable monthly price for different versions of TUKATECH clothing CAD software for different categories of users. 2. The CAD program for clothes "TUKATECH" is available in various languages, including Russian. 3. Audio / video lessons in English are built into the CAD program of clothes "TUKATECH" for studying the program. 4. The user can write to the USB flash drive the installation CAD program for clothes "TUKATECH", received after online payment and install it on any computer, and then run it using his login and password, which allows the user to work in the program remotely at a convenient time from any computer connected to the Internet. 5. The user always works in the latest version of the TUKATECH clothing CAD program. Features of the "TUKAcad Professional Edition" program: - Unlimited number of patterns (templates) per file. - Unlimited sizes of patterns (templates) gradation per file. - Unlimited sizes of markers (decks) for placing patterns (templates). - Advanced manufacturing tools. - Audio / video lessons in English to study the program. The TUKAcad Professional Edition is designed for model makers. Advanced functionality and workflow provide accurate pattern building, individual scoring rules and marker placement for each conceived style. Automatically generated reports provide information transparency at all stages of product development. Built-in audio / video help for each instrument and flexible subscription options make the award-winning TUKAcad package available to designers and clothing manufacturers of all sizes. TUKAcad clothing CAD software versions available by online subscription: 1. Program "TUKAcad Learning Edition" for $ 19 / month, version for students and teachers of fashion. 2. Program "TUKAcad Professional Edition" for $ 199 / month, version for freelancers and fashion entrepreneurs. 3. Program "TUKAcad Tailor Edition" from $ 349 / month, version for making custom-made clothing. 4. The world's first program "TUKAcad APM" from $ 399 / month, version for the automatic production of clothing models. All four versions of the "TUKAcad" program purchased through an online subscription have their own features and protection. All versions of the "TUKAcad" program purchased through online licensing on the site have the following features: 1. The required version of the "TUKAcad" program must be installed on the computer using the "TUKAcad_ (program version) _setup.exe" installation program. 2. After the installation of the “TUKAcad” program on the computer is completed, three programs will appear on the computer desktop: “TUKAdesign”, “TUKAmark” and “TUKAupdate”. 3. To start working on the programs "TUKAdesign", "TUKAmark" must first connect the computer to the Internet, then the user must enter his login and password, which the user entered when purchasing the program through an online subscription on the site, to the window that opens, before starting the programs " TUKAdesign "," TUKAmark ". 4. For all versions of the "TUKAcad" program (except for the 30-day demo version of the program purchased for $ 1 on the website) updates are available using the "TUKAupdate-Software Manager" program. 5. All versions of the "TUKAcad" program installed on a computer through online licensing allow the user to work on the programs remotely from any other computer using his login and password, if the downloaded licensed installation program "TUKAcad" is written to a USB flash drive and with its help install the program to another computer connected to the Internet. All versions of the TUKAcad program purchased through online licensing on the site have the following protections: 1. The program will work normally for a long time if the computer is connected to the Internet, when the computer is disconnected from the Internet, after a short time in this mode, the program turns off. 2. If, using the same login and password, several users will work on the program, after a short time of work in this mode, the program is turned off for all users. The company "Tukatech" for the first time in the world presented "Tukacad" - software

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