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SoftRock stone topcoat

USD 4.36 - 5.45 USD

Minimum order: 17 kg

Supply ability: 7 kg/per day

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We bring to your attention the products of our plant - SoftRock Stone Finishing Coating. It is a water-dispersive polymer coating with a mineral filler and UV inhibitors in its composition. The coating has the following consumer properties and characteristics: · Does not fade; · Possesses high adhesion; · Forms a dense layer on the surface; · Vapor permeable; · Moisture resistant; · Does not create smudges; · Resistant to stretching; · Has high weather resistance; · The surface is covered with a protective film, which prevents the absorption of dust, dirt, etc .; · Simple to use; · Provides high speed of application; · Has a wide range of colors, can be tinted like paint; · Does not deteriorate for more than 25 years. The coating is applied with a texture gun or trowel. The standard consumption is 1.2 kg / m2 on a primed surface, with a layer thickness of 0.8 mm. Stir with a mixer before use! Instructions for applying with a textured (cartridge) pistol: Nozzle 4 mm, mixture supply no more than 30% of the total range of the pistol valve. The compressor is recommended with a receiver from 50 liters. The coating is applied in a circular motion from a distance of 30-40 cm. The mixture is diluted with water in the range of 150-250 ml per 17 kg bucket, no more! Surface preparation: 1. Deep penetration primer. 2. When painting in dark colors, the coating is applied in one layer. 2.1. When painting in light colors, it is recommended to cover the base with acrylic paint of the same color, then apply the stone coating in one layer.
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