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Озонатор пром. для очищения воды воздуха.

USD 257.3 - 4084.16 USD

Minimum order: 1 pcs

Supply ability: 1111111 pcs/per day

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APPLICATION OF OZONATORS STORAGE OF VEGETABLES AND FRUITS Use of ozone in the refrigerated storage of fruits and vegetables AGRICULTURE AND ANIMAL HORIZATION Disinfection of the air in poultry farming Stimulation of growth and vital activity of plants and animals Beekeeping - combating ascopherosis Plant storage and ozonizers quality food, grain, etc. FOOD INDUSTRY Disinfection of air, premises, equipment and products with ozone. Use of ozone in the meat and dairy industry. Disinfection of food production. CLEANING OF DRINKING WATER AND WASTE. Ozonation of water in a swimming pool. Ozonization of bottled water. aquarium and fish farming with ozone Wastewater treatment LAUNDRY, CLEANING, ODOR DISPOSAL Hotels, motels, country houses Leaning and car Optimizing laundry Eliminating stubborn odors of burning tobacco, paint and other petroleum products Car Ozone

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