Озонатор-ионизатор АЛТАЙ для очищения воды и воздуха.
Озонатор-ионизатор АЛТАЙ для очищения воды и воздуха.
Озонатор-ионизатор АЛТАЙ для очищения воды и воздуха.
Product description
"ALTAI" is an ozonator with a 36 month warranty. Service life 8-10 years. Has 2in1 technology (ozonizer and ionizer in one housing). Wide range of applications: • Disinfection and deodorization of air in living quarters, change houses, cupboards, refrigerator; • Destruction of cigarette smoke; • Purification of food products (meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits); • Improving water quality (disinfection, oxygen enrichment, elimination of chlorine and other harmful impurities); • For the treatment of technological premises, warehouses, cold rooms, technological equipment, destruction of surface mold and dephenolization of premises. OZONE PROPERTIES Removal of microorganisms: • Kills 99.7% of E. coli bacteria and 99.9% of staphylococcus colonies on the surfaces of objects • Destroys spores of brevibacteria Fight against fungi and mold: • Kills 100% of Aspergillus, white mold and fusarium oxysporum fungi Destroys 99% of hepatitis • Kills 99% HBsAg and 100% HAAg • Kills influenza and SARS viruses • Kills polio and rotavirus viruses in water within minutes Fight odors and toxic substances • Decomposes pesticides, hormones and preservatives • Oxidises heavy metals and organic compounds • Eliminates odors.
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Озонатор-ионизатор АЛТАЙ для очищения воды и воздуха. - 42591

USD 76.22 - 105.18 USD

Minimum order: 1 pcs

Supply ability: 100000 pcs/per day

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Москва, Russia
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