Elegant plastic chairs with metal legs
Elegant plastic chairs with metal legs
Product description
Elegant plastic chairs from the leading manufacturer of Turkmenistan. High-quality, comfortable, ergonomic chairs are great for summer cottages, canteens, outdoor and indoor cafes, bars, restaurants, food courts, public institutions, hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, recreation centers, kindergartens, etc. Our products are made from polypropylene and high density polyethylene. The color scheme of the chairs has a range of 10 different shades, which allows the chairs to be used in rooms for various purposes with a variety of designs. Our products are of high quality, durability, original appearance and are environmentally friendly for health.
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Elegant plastic chairs with metal legs - 81626

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20.0 USD/pcs 20.0 USD

Minimum order: 2100 pcs

Supply ability: 6300 pcs/per week

IP "Mizemez Gadam"
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