DIGINK eMAX ESL5 Ink (Roland Eco-Sol MAX 3) Set 6 Colours – 440ml cartridge
Product description
The DIGINK eMAX 3 Series Digital Inks are designed specifically for use in Roland eco-solvent printers. Conveniently packaged in 500ml fully compatible cartridges, they provide serious value and the highest performance alternative to the OEM ink set. Users of Roland Eco-Sol MAX 3® inks (ESL5) can change to DIGINK eMAX 3 Series Digital Inks without the need to convert, thanks to DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES unique Load & Print ink capabilities. They are 100% plug and print and do not require any flushing or new colour profiles. DIGINK eMAX 3 Series Digital Inks can be used together with original Roland Eco Sol Max 2® metallic and white inks. Due to the complete chemical and colour compatibility of the ink sets, OEM ESL5 cartridges can be replaced with DIGINK eMAX 3 Series Digital Inks cartridges as each of them runs out, rather than all colours together at the initial install. This saves both time and money as there is no need to perform wasteful ink fill procedures or dispose of unused previous ink. The inks exhibit excellent improved scratch resistance, superior adhesion and durability on a wide variety of typical Point of Purchase (POP) substrates such as self adhesive vinyl, banner, paper and textile media. DIGINK eMAX 3 Series also feature fast printing and improved drying times – superior to the Roland Eco-Sol Max® ink performance. FEATURES & BENEFITS Fully compatible with Roland Eco-Sol MAX 3® inks (ESL5) for easy installation Colour matched to Roland Eco-Sol MAX 3® inks for using the existing colour profiles without the need to create new profiles Can be mixed with Roland Eco Sol Max 2® metallic inks and Roland Eco-Sol MAX 2® white inks Faster drying time for accelerated production speeds Superior scratch resistance for longer outdoor durability & no need to laminate the prints Excellent adhesion and flexibility on most digital inkjet media Virtually odourless with no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) for using in a non ventilated environment. Nickel free GREENGUARD Certified Ink UL 2818 Durability up to three years outdoors without lamination One-year Warranty covering all printer ink parts. Roland RF-640 Roland VS-300i Roland VS-540i Roland VS-640i Roland XF-640 Roland XR-640 Color Black Cyan Magenta Yellow Light Magenta Light Cyan Set of 6
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DIGINK eMAX ESL5 Ink (Roland Eco-Sol MAX 3) Set 6 Colours – 440ml cartridge - 69146

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