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Wave gearboxes of the XSF series assembled - wave transmission + housing. It is possible to manufacture an adapter flange for a specific type of electric motor according to standard drawings or according to customer drawings. Wave reducers are used in electric drive systems with high requirements for parameters. The absence of backlash, high accuracy of motion transmission, compactness, the presence of a hollow shaft and high reliability allow the use of wave gearboxes in various fields of technology: drives of high-precision machine tools and machining centers, industrial robots, telecommunications and optical equipment, aviation and space industry. The wave reducer consists of a rigid stationary element - a gear wheel with internal teeth, stationary relative to the transmission housing; a flexible element - a thin-walled elastic gearwheel with external teeth, connected to the output shaft; a wave generator - a cam, eccentric or other mechanism that stretches a flexible element to form at two (or more) points of engagement pairs with a fixed element. The number of teeth of the flexible wheel is slightly less than the number of teeth of the stationary element. The number of deformation waves is equal to the number of protrusions on the generator. At the tops of the waves, the teeth of the flexible wheel fully engage with the teeth of the rigid wheel, and in the troughs of the waves, they completely disengage. The linear velocity of the deformation waves corresponds to the velocity of the tops of the protrusions on the generator, that is, traveling waves with a known linear velocity exist in the flexible element. The difference in the number of teeth of rigid and flexible wheels is usually equal (less often a multiple) of the number of deformation waves.
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