Aquashine BTX
Aquashine BTX
Aquashine BTX
Product description
Aquashine BTX - is intended for biorevitalization and bioreparation of the skin in programs for the aesthetic correction of signs of aging and deep skin revitalization. Has a wide spectrum of action. Contains biopeptides that reduce muscle activity. It is used for anti-age therapy, has a pronounced relaxing and lifting effect, comparable to Botox therapy.   After injection of Aquashine BTX, it is possible not only to smooth out existing wrinkles, but also to prevent the appearance of new ones.   INDICATIONS FOR USE 📍 dehydrated and dry skin; 📍 deterioration of the skin condition after stressful situations; 📍 expressiveness of mimic, purse-string and static wrinkles; 📍 loss of healthy skin color; 📍hyperpigmentation and rosacea; 📍 traces of post-acne, enlarged pores; 📍 scars; 📍 preventive measures at the first age-related changes.   Made in South Korea.   Use is possible only by a qualified doctor.
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