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Household chemicals, Soap and detergent Turkey, ул.Адалет, уг.ул.Манас Фолкарт Товерс 34
Turkey, ул.Адалет, уг.ул.Манас Фолкарт Товерс 34

The Rockels company is engaged in direct supplies of consumer goods, namely, men's, women's shoes, olives, olive oil of the 1st and 2nd extraction, canned food, oranges, tangerines, lemons, tea, coffee, industrial chemicals and industrial equipment directly from Turkey to the CIS countries.

In addition, ours is one of the leading companies in the automation of production, the creation of electronic cards, etc. We produce equipment for various industries individually for your company, as well as produce equipment for filling liquids: various types of oils, beer, household chemicals, alcohol-containing products, water , shampoos, dairy products in any kind of container of any size.

We present solutions tailored to your company.

Call, write to us, we will discuss with you all the details of the partnership.

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