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Elix Plus AllinOne One tool, many solutions. A specially formulated 18-component product that removes all forms of grease, dirt and stains. Has a disinfectant property, cleansing the surface from germs, viruses and bacteria.   APPLICATION AREA It is used for cleaning: - gas stoves, ovens, hoods, pans, trays made of aluminum, steel, glass, ceramics, glass ceramics; deep fryers, barbecues , - seats, ceiling, interior of the car hood, - stains   clothes from any material and other textiles, - air conditioning filters and ventilation grilles, - floors with various types of dirt, - leather, fabric seats, sofas, armchairs, - carpets and rugs of any material, - dirty false ceilings made of iron, aluminum, plastic, - dirty interior doors made of wood and its components (MDF, chipboard, fiberboard, etc.), - traces of ink from any surface.   MODE OF APPLICATION It is applied by direct spraying on the contaminated area. After a minute, wipe with a damp cloth or soft brush, rinse. When removing stains from clothes, treat the stain with a small amount of substance, leave for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with water or wash in a washing machine. Does not change the color of the fabric. It is used by washing machines to remove all kinds of stains.
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Elix Plus Cleaner is a concentrated gel with a soft milky texture and pleasant white soap scent, used for cleaning various surfaces. Easily removes dirt, has a disinfectant effect, gives the cleaned surface a pleasant smell of cleanliness and freshness. Does not leave streaks or stains. Does not require rinsing. APPLICATION AREA It is used for cleaning any surfaces in the house: tiles, linoleum, wooden floors, laminate, parquet, interior doors, plumbing fixtures, household appliances , garbage cans and any hard surfaces. Thanks to its soft milky texture, it reduces limescale deposits and gives the surface a shine without leaving spots and streaks. It has antibacterial properties. Does not contain chlorine and phosphates. Suitable for daily use. It is widely used in crowded places: hospitals, schools, lyceums, universities, shopping centers, hotels, supermarkets, trading halls, museums, etc. In such places it is recommended to use it together with ElixPlus Clorer for the best disinfection . RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE For general cleaning of various surfaces, 50 g is added for 5 liters of water. Facilities. Does not require rinsing. For maximum disinfection of crowded places   it is recommended to add 50 g of C leaner and 50 g of C leaner to the water for cleaning the floor . Clorer   5 liters of water and use as directed. It has an excellent cleansing effect. Does not leave streaks, does not foam much.
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Elix Plus Clorer is a concentrated chlorine gel for bleaching and disinfection of various surfaces. It has a transparent gel-like structure with a slight chlorine smell. APPLICATION AREA Suitable for use in disinfection and bleaching of sinks, toilet, bathroom, shower, tiles, floors, and any other surfaces. It is widely used for cleaning and disinfection of toilets in large crowded establishments: hospitals, schools, lyceums, universities, shopping centers, hotels, supermarkets, sales areas, museums, etc. Suitable for disinfection and bleaching of bed linen and towels in hotels and laundries.   RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE When cleaning and disinfecting toilets, it is recommended to apply the gel on the surface of the toilet bowl / sink, lightly brush it, rinse it off after 3-5 minutes. To disinfect the floor, it is recommended to add 50 g of product to the floor cleaning water for 5 liters of water and use it as directed. It has an excellent disinfectant effect. Kills germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi by 99%. When bleaching and disinfecting bed linen and towels, pour 100 g of the product together with the powder into the compartment for   powder of the washing machine, wash normally. Shows the best results at high temperatures. Does not leave heavy chlorine odor on the laundry.
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The Rockels company is engaged in direct supplies of consumer goods, namely, men's, women's shoes, olives, olive oil of the 1st and 2nd extraction, canned food, oranges, tangerines, lemons, tea, coffee, industrial chemicals and industrial equipment directly from Turkey to the CIS countries.

In addition, ours is one of the leading companies in the automation of production, the creation of electronic cards, etc. We produce equipment for various industries individually for your company, as well as produce equipment for filling liquids: various types of oils, beer, household chemicals, alcohol-containing products, water , shampoos, dairy products in any kind of container of any size.

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