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Detergent for floors with a soft milky structure with a white soap scent

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Elix Plus Cleaner is a concentrated gel with a soft milky texture and pleasant white soap scent, used for cleaning various surfaces. Easily removes dirt, has a disinfectant effect, gives the cleaned surface a pleasant smell of cleanliness and freshness. Does not leave streaks or stains. Does not require rinsing.


It is used for cleaning any surfaces in the house: tiles, linoleum, wooden floors, laminate, parquet, interior doors, plumbing fixtures, household appliances , garbage cans and any hard surfaces. Thanks to its soft milky texture, it reduces limescale deposits and gives the surface a shine without leaving spots and streaks. It has antibacterial properties. Does not contain chlorine and phosphates. Suitable for daily use. It is widely used in crowded places: hospitals, schools, lyceums, universities, shopping centers, hotels, supermarkets, trading halls, museums, etc. In such places it is recommended to use it together with ElixPlus Clorer for the best disinfection .


For general cleaning of various surfaces, 50 g is added for 5 liters of water. Facilities. Does not require rinsing. For maximum disinfection of crowded places   it is recommended to add 50 g of C leaner and 50 g of C leaner to the water for cleaning the floor . Clorer   5 liters of water and use as directed. It has an excellent cleansing effect. Does not leave streaks, does not foam much.

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