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It started operating in 2009 in Nazilli district, which is the center of long life. In the 2013-2014 season of figs, we moved to its new location, with our modern facility built on a closed area of 12,000 m² and a total area of 21,000 m², we supply the high quality and delicious dried figs grown in our region from the producers, and naturally, without sacrificing quality and hygiene conditions, with our “Incircim” brand, which is the product of our experience. We offer our processed products to our customers. 35 Separate Europe, Asia, the Middle East. we export to gulf countries. Our Inciricim brand, our product range, Healthy Living Products from Figs, which are used as food supplements and recommended by Experts and contain vitamin values that have a protective effect against diseases, have started laboratory studies in 2018 and have completed all kinds of analysis studies in 2020. After obtaining the necessary production permissions, we offer the Healthy Healing products at the source of the fig to the service of our nation.

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