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Fig Seed Oil

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Strengthens Body Immunity with the effect of vitamin values and Omega oils.
• Fig seed oil plays a very important role in regeneration of body cells. It protects the body's resistance against free radicals and provides energy.
• An almost natural botox for lips. It prevents dry mouth and water loss, prevents cracking in the body.
• Women who regularly use fig seed oil prevents sagging and wrinkles on the body.
• After regular use, it corrects post-pregnancy cracks.
• Since fig seed oil contains a high amount of vitamin E, it enables the renewal of skin cells.
• Provides a healthy and lively skin by keeping the skin moist.
• It tightens the skin and prevents premature aging.
• It is effective against wrinkles, blackheads and acne on the face.
• Protects against cuts, wounds and skin damage.
• It improves skin bruising, yellowing and color and minimizes dark circles, especially under the eyes.
• It prevents the formation of acne by accelerating the healing process of all acne, acne and herpes on the face, back and neck.
• It is the only fruit seed oil with the highest vitamin E value in the world.
• When used for hair, fig seed oil nourishes the scalp, gives shine, saturation and easy style to the hair.
• Regular consumption of fig and fig seed oil is effective for skin and hair health.
• Figs are a rich source for lowering high blood pressure.
• Thin the blood. It prevents the deterioration of heart rhythm. Antidepressant
• It is antidepressive. It is effective in relieving neurological pain.
• Calcium, which is among the components of fig seed oil, helps to protect bone health.
• Zero the risk of osteoporosis.
• It is a natural source of potassium to lower the insulin rate.
• Omega is a supportive resource against Alzheimer's disease.
• It provides healthy secretion of reproductive hormones as it contains vitamins that activate sexual feelings.
• High Omega - 3 fatty acids content nourishes the skin from the outside to the inside, moisturizes and tightens the skin.
• It is a true source of energy.
• It is effective in regeneration and rapid recovery of deformed cells in patients receiving chemotherapy.
Fig seed oil not even found in fish
• 40% Omega-3
• 30% omega-6
15% Omega-9
• 15% contains other vitamins.
• Compared to fish oils rich in omega-3, it is easier to consume as it is odorless and does not cause stomach pain.
• It has been observed that children who consume a teaspoon of fig seed oil a day have more energetic and smoother skin.
• Like many vegetable oils, fig seed oil is very effective in terms of health and is suitable for drinking the oil.
• Our experts recommend that you consume one teaspoon or 5 drops per day. If you wish, you can mix the oil into the water you drink and drink it.
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