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Auditing services on

VEL Group, LLP

Painting and Coating, Protective Coating, Waterblasting and sandblasting services, Office equipment repair and maintenance, Computer repair and maintenance, IT Outsourcing, IT consulting services, Accounting and auditing services, Auditing services, Accounting services, Office Services, Technical Documentation Development, Factory Construction, Building and Facility Construction, Building and Facility Reconstruction, Communication Facility Construction, Power Facility Construction and Design, Petrol Station, Oil Depot, Car Wash & Repair Facility Construction and Design, Prefabricated Modular Building, Warehouse, Structure Construction, Engineering and Construction Services , general, Alternative energy facilities and equipment design, Architectural Visualization, Dispatching, surveillance systems, design installation and maintenance, Energy audit, Industrial buildings and constructions design, Power systems, power lines and power grids design, Engineering communications plan, Residential Building Planning and Design, Structured Cabling Design, Installation and Maintenance, Fiber Optic Cabling Design, Installation and Maintenance, Waterproofing Services, Fireproofing, Soundproofing Services, Thermal Insulation Services, Computer Network Setup and Administration, Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting, Information Recovery, Information Security, Installation, Design, Maintenance of Local Area networks (LAN), IT Audit Services, Software Development, Software Implementation and Maintenance, Internet Access and TV Connection Services, Telephony Services, Transport and Fuel Monitoring System Installation, Website Development


Золотой Барыс

Computer repair and maintenance, Car Insurance, Financial Risks Insurance, Life Insurance, Property Insurance, Auditing services


SGS Kazakhstan

Business trainings, Professional trainings, Training of trainers, Auditing services, Environmental Audit, Management System Certification, Energy audit, IT Audit Services

Kazakhstan ,Алматы

ООО Contineo Asia

Marketing research, Auditing services, Inventory


NAMA India Import Export Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Outsourcing, Foreign trade outsourcing, Management Outsourcing, Legal and juridical outsourcing, Marketing Outsourcing, Exhibition Services, Tours to Exhibitions Abroad, Exhibition Organizing Services, Exhibition Stand Design, Consulting services, Trade Consulting Services, Logistics Consulting services, Marketing Consulting Services, Legal consulting, Management Consulting Services, Accounting and auditing services, Auditing services, Accounting services, Office Services, Business Sell, Business Broker Services, Business Organizing Services, Franchise, Banking Services, Trade services, organization of auctions and tenders, Auction Organizing, Foreign Trade, Commission and Trade Services, HR research, Staff Recruitment, Outstaffing, Legal Services, Legal support of foreign economic activity, Legal and Judicial Services, Conference and Forum Organizing Services, Brokerage, intermediary and agency services, Agent services, Intermediary services, Translator Services


Malhotra and Malhotra

Law and legal courses, Legal and juridical outsourcing, Legal consulting, Accounting and auditing services, Auditing services, Accounting services, Legal Services, Legal support of foreign economic activity, Legal and Judicial Services


Accounting Agency Asset

Outsourcing, Consulting services, Finance Consulting, Accounting and auditing services, Auditing services, Tax audit



Printing images on souvenirs, Foreign language courses, Art courses, Fitness instructor courses, Economics and finance courses, Computer courses, Personal development trainings, Brochures, Prospectus, Magazines, Typography Services, Flyers, Leaflets, Booklets, Gift and souvenir manufacturing, Painting and graphics, Other security and safety services, Advertising, Marketing & PR, Live advertising, Marketing research, Photography, Call center services, IT Outsourcing, Management Outsourcing, Trade Consulting Services, IT consulting services, Marketing Consulting Services, Management Consulting Services, Audit support, Operational audit, HR services, Evaluation Services, Document Examination, Information Security

Bangladesh ,Dhaka


Outsourcing, Legal consulting, Accounting and auditing services, Tax audit, Accounting services, Legal Services


СОО Dzivi trade

Инициативный аудит



Logistics and warehousing services, Инициативный аудит, Intermediary services


Zhejiang Zhongpin Trading Co., Ltd.

Инициативный аудит

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