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Gift and souvenir manufacturing on



Dried fruits



Gift and souvenir manufacturing, Sewing machine repair, Domestic & Household Goods Manufacturing And Maintenance Services


Рекламно-производственная компания "Рекламный Двор"

Packaging and labelling, Women's T-shirts and Undershirts, Women's sweatshirts, Retail Store Equipments, Plotters, digitizers and printing machines, Advertising and printing, sack, Stamps, Badges, Keychains, Keychains, Souvenirs, Packages and labels, Полиэтилен, Packaging, container, LED Displays


ООО "Фолиант"

Brochures, Catalogs, Blanks, Flyers, Leaflets, Booklets, Gift and souvenir manufacturing, Marking and Signage Products manufacturing



Packaging and labelling, Food Ingredients, Crop Production, Plant Protection Chemicals, Saplings, Greenery, Seeds and bulbs of plants, Health and beauty, Children care products, Children's cosmetics, Perfume, Medicine, Footwear care products, Advertising and printing, Home & garden, Household chemicals, Soap and detergent, Personal care products, Household supplies, Household products, All for special occasions, gifts, Keychains


Ювелирно художественная мастерская "Шедевр"

Genuine leather, Flowers, Home supplies and appliances, Individual protection supplies, Bags, footwear & accessories, Children's Accessories, Children's watches, alarm clocks, Men's accessories, Belts for men, Watch, glasses & jewelry, Bijouterie, Watches, Jewelry, Women's Accessories, Wallets and key chain, Home and office supplies, Store & supermarket supplies, Office accessories, Home & garden, Home accessories, Interior decoration, Products for garden, Everything for home and office, Decorative products, Decorative forging, Wall Decor, Furniture, Garden and outdoor furniture, Wood design, Polymeric materials, Gifts, sport & toys, Education, Creativity and Design, Models and Legos, Games and Toys, Wooden Toys, Creativity for Children, Hobby for children and adults, Puzzles, Educational Toys, Different toys, All for special occasions, gifts, Playhouses, Stuffed Toys, New Year's Toys, Dolls, Gifts & Crafts, Keychains, Leather goods, Souvenirs, Foundry Machinery, Hardware and materials, Magnets, Accessories and spare parts



Wooden Toys, Educational Toys, All for special occasions, gifts, Gifts & Crafts, Keychains, Souvenirs, Packages and labels, Packaging, container, LED lamps

Russia ,Москва


Genuine leather, Packaging and labelling, Home Textile, Carpet, Bedding set, Women's Carnival Costumes, Women's overalls, Children indoor clothing, Kids' pants, trousers, shorts, Men's clothing, Men's sportswear, Men's Overalls, Men's jackets and windbreakers, Men's T-Shirts, İslamic clothing, Muslim clothing for kids, Fabrics and Accessories, Silk, Leather fabrics, Agriculture & Food, Honey, Canned Fruit & Vegetables, Diet food, Meat & Dairy products, Meat, Milk Products, Pet products, Fruits, Sugar, Tomato paste, Kitchen supplies, Mobile accessories, Software, Perfume, Skincare cosmetics, Food & agro machinery, equipment, Retail Store Equipments, Automation, software, Seed Sowing Machines & Equipments, Bags, footwear & accessories, Kids' boots, Men's Shoes, Umbrellas, Jewelry, Bags, Advertising and printing, Soap and detergent, Paper products, Decorative products, Toys for 1 Year-Old's and Younger, Wooden Toys, Educational Toys, All for special occasions, gifts, Stamps, Badges, Keychains, Keychains, pyrotechnics, fireworks, Sport equipment, Consulting and services, Banking services, Hardware and materials, Metal Structures, Software products and services, motor oil, Children's books

Bangladesh ,Dhaka
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