Toilets - 21st Century (NO COVID-19), odorless, virus-free and without microbe and bacteria!!!
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Toilet bowls - 21st century, odorless and without microbe and bacteria(NO COVID-19)! Our innovative product, which has no analogue in the world, provides protection against germs, bacteria and viruses (even against coronaviruses), every apartment, enterprise, restaurant, hospitals, hotels and other buildings.   This invention solves the following problems that no one spoke about before, and now it's time to talk and solve:       1. No one wants to be ashamed of using the toilet;      2. Eliminates unpleasant odors directly from inside the toilet.  Bad smells do not get into the toilet room.  The air in the toilet room remains fresh.  The user does not feel unpleasant odors and is in comfortable conditions.       3. Solving problems in the life of youth and the older generation in the same house in different countries.       4. There is no need for the cost of air fresheners in the toilet room;       5. Bacteria, germs and unpleasant gases - harmful to human health and this problem is eliminated;       6. The duration of chronic diseases is reduced and their transmission is prevented;       7. Sanitary and epidemiological requirements are fulfilled (in fact, even a problem in space);       8. Increases the image of each apartment, enterprise, restaurant, hotel and other buildings.        Of course, this invention has been approved and protected by various countries and organizations on the basis of a number of patents. One example is an EU patent (an organization based in Germany), that is known to apply to 28 European countries. This is one of our achievements. ;  - harmful fresheners You can get additional information about our product on this link ;
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Toilets - 21st Century (NO COVID-19), odorless, virus-free and without microbe and bacteria!!! - 52084

750.0 USD/pcs 750.0 USD

Minimum order: 240 pcs

Supply ability: 3 pcs/per month

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