"TD Bargudzhin Tokum"

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Frozen products, Beverages, Water, Livestock, Raw materials and minerals Russia, Улан-Удэ, Ул. Кирова, 26 оф.2
Russia, Улан-Удэ, Ул. Кирова, 26 оф.2

Our company is one of the leading in the bottled water market in the Republic of Buryatia. We are a manufacturer of drinking bottled water of our own brand "Bargudzhin Tokum". For the production of products, water is used from artesian wells in the central ecological zone of the Baikal natural territory of the Rep. Buryatia, Pribaikalsky region, settlement of Turka. We carry out an uninterrupted supply of drinking bottled water. Flexible system of payment for products. Continuous quality control within the enterprise, as well as by state regulatory authorities. Availability of a declaration of conformity of the Eurasian Economic Union.

We offer red caviar, fish meat, animal meat (lamb, veal, pork) in large volumes. Caviar Vladivostok. Meat of Buryatia. We send a truck, railway.

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