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Construction mast lift PMG 500 kg

USD 3903.49 - 9493.57

Minimum order: 1 pcs

Supply ability: 15 pcs/per month

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The PMG - 500 mast hoist, this is a construction cargo hoist, is used for vertical supply of the necessary cargo to the floors of an object under construction, is fed by a withdrawable cargo platform into the floor openings of the building, and cargo is also supplied to the roof. The PMG 500 mast hoist: Load carrying carriage - roll-out roller platform; Mast lift team from separate sections; Base - support frame; Traction drive hoist - winch; On the last mast - cap with rollers; Cargo rope and power cable; ZIP-box with fasteners (bolts, engraver, washers, control panel) The PMG 500 elevator has security systems installed: emergency automatic brake; Fixed upper and lower limit switch; blocking system for rolling out the loading platform When receiving a construction hoist, you get a passport for lifting a hand-painted mechanism, where all the technical parameters are indicated, there is an insert for operating the hoist, a certificate of conformity from the manufacturer, we note that SGP cargo mast hoists are not subject to registration with the supervisory authorities The PMG 500 mast cargo hoist is manufactured according to GOST 29168 91 as well as in accordance with the technical specifications TU 4835 033 03215451 00 rules PB 10 518 02 Specifications Height of rise, m 100 meters Load capacity, kg 500 kg Lifting speed, m / s (m / min) 0.3 (15) 0.3 (15) Sizes of a cargo platform, m 0,5х2,7 Power El. Engine, kW 4.0 Overall dimensions, m 2,5х1х2,1

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