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Hello. We are looking for manufacturers of women's clothing of large sizes (50+) for LONG-TERM COOPERATION. Interested in: dresses, trousers, sweaters, pants, jeans, blouses. We will be able to buy in different quantities: from 10 to 1000 units of one model.

Obligatory conditions of cooperation
1) Reserved trademark.
2) Written permission to sell the brand on the territory of the Russian Federation.
3) Declaration of conformity of products.

 General requirements for the product:
1) No threads stick out on the product;
2) High quality fittings (buttons, zippers, buttons);
3) Buttons are well sewn; 4) The maximum percentage of rejects per batch is up to 7%.
The price list can be sent to WhatsApp. We look forward to collaborating!

(translated from russian)

Price is negotiable
Any period
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Воронкова Анна
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