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Construction Materials, Vehicles & parts Kazakhstan, Атырау, БЦ Байтал, оф.11

The company "TKS Mega" provides trawl services and is engaged in the transportation of oversized, oversized and oversized cargo. During our existence, we have accumulated extensive experience in the delivery of various goods across the territory of the CIS countries, delivery of goods to the cities of Kazakhstan in all directions. The company is constantly growing and developing, expanding the range of its capabilities, improving the quality of services provided and the geography of transportation. - road trains with a platform 12 meters long and carrying capacity up to 200 tons - for transformers, generators, forging equipment and presses; -low loaders with a platform of 16 meters and a lifting capacity of 80 tons - for various industrial equipment; -low-bed trawls with a platform 16 m long and a carrying capacity of 60 tons - for road, agricultural and special equipment; -trails with a platform of 16 meters and a carrying capacity of 40 tons - for transportation of block buildings and frame structures, as well as individual units of large-sized special equipment; -low loaders for various oversized cargo with carrying capacity of 30, 32 and 35 tons and platform length from 8 to 21 meters. In our company you can order the following types of equipment: Special equipment for construction work. -All types of equipment for road works. -Career technique. -Different types of freight vehicles. The company leases the following types of special equipment on a short and long term basis: - cranes - low loader trawls - semi-trailers - manipulators - construction equipment

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