Sock Knitting Machine YX-321
Product description
YX323 Fully Computerized Sock Knitting Machine Benefits Fully Electronic Control System Pneumatically Controlled Yarn Feeders Automatic oil lubrication Equipped with an uninterruptible power supply unit that will save the knitting process settings in the event of a temporary power outage. When the power supply is restored, the machine can continue knitting according to the established program Equipped with a modern high-speed servo drive The supply of elastic thread is controlled and controlled by a stepping motor, which allows, during the knitting process, to make adjustments to manufacturing process for resizing and effecting on the same garment Equipped with a graphic LCD display that allows the operator to easily monitor the knitting process conditions, including: error messages, stop reason signals, quantity produced and speed Application This series of automatic knitting machines is designed for making regular socks. Bore 3.5 '' Number of needles 84 to 220 Speed 320 RPM Number of products from 250 up to 330 pairs per day Amount Colors available Up to 16 colors in one piece Requires air connection Power supply 380 V Control language Russian, English
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Sock Knitting Machine YX-321 - 3036

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