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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS  It provides production easiness with its wide product kind.   Changeble type EPDM membrane is used in our tanks.   Working temperature range is -10°C + 100°C.   It is coated with electrostatical Powder-Coating dust paint.   It is tolerable to scratching, hitting and corrosion.   No contact between the water and the tank.   The plant per-gas pressure values are shown by the help of the using manual.   The pressure balance should be done by the help of the using manual.   The heat systems should be connected to the black line.   Anti-freeze maybe used in the systems.   ADVANTAGES    Avoids liming, corrosion and elongates the life-time of the installation.  Solution for heating problems and no need for maintenance.  Installation and labour costs are decreased to %50 - %80 according to the specifications of the  building.  Provides increase in productivity and additional fuel save as the heating water is heated under pressure.  Has decorative look.  Avoids the problem of vaporization in open expansion tanks, freezing of water and drop in the water level.  A security ventile fitting to your system is expressed in the usage manual. (In expansion tanks)
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