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Disposable three-layer medical mask

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Minimum order: 2500 pcs

Supply ability: 100000 pcs/per day

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Disposable three-layer face mask with built-in flexible nasal retainer

1 mask - 7 cents. Shipping available
My Whatsapp is: +79162462560
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If you need a video, please write to me on email ([email protected]), on Whatsapp, or on Instagram.
The mask protects the respiratory system from various pathogenic microbes, microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and pollutants. They have good breathability, do not accumulate static electricity, are not transparent, soft and do not irritate the skin.
Made using the latest technology. A flexible nasal retainer in the upper part of the mask provides the selection of an individual shape, better fit to the face and protection. They do not interfere with free breathing, have high breathability (at least 200 dm3 / m2 per second).
Made of high quality synthetic non-woven fabric spunbond-meltblown-spunbond.
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