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Factory Price Lidocaine base , Benzocaine Powder for Local Anaesthesia - 62407

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Factory Price Benzocaine Powder/Lidocaine for Local Anaesthesia

Mulei (Wuhan) New Material Technology Co. Ltd is a scientific and technological company integrating product research and development, manufacturing and trading of chemical intermediates, specialized in organic intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical solvents and agrochemical products. We produce and provide phenacetin powder, fluffy powder phenacetin, phenacetin crystal, Alpha Bromovalerophenone, Valerophenone, Watermelon ketone and cocoylchloride, etc.

Product list : 

Anti-painingAnesthetic Anodyne
Name CAS
Tetracaine hydrochloride 50-41-9
Procaine 59-46-1
Tetracaine 94-24-6
Pramoxine Hydrochloride  637-58-1
Procaine HCl 1951-5-8
Lidocaine 137-58-6
Dibucaine hydrochloride 1961-12-1
prilocaine 721-50-6
Propitocaine hydrochloride 1786-81-8
Proparacaine hydrochloride 5875-6-9
Linocaine hydrochloride 6108-05-0
Articaine hydrochloride 23964-57-0
Levobupivacaine hydrochloride 27262-48-2
Ropivacaine hydrochloride 132112-35-7
Bupivacaine 2180-92-9
Bupivacaine hydrochloride 14252-80-3
4-Acetamidophenol CAS:103-90-2
Benzocaine CAS:94-09-7
Ropivacaine mesylate  CAS:854056-07-8
Mepivacaine CAS:22801-44-1
Mepivacaine hydrochloride  CAS:1722-62-9
Dyclonine hydrochloride CAS:536-43-6
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