1,4 BDO cleaner 14 cleaner
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1,4-Butanediol, 1,4-Butandiol, BDO, 1,4-BDO, 1,4-BD, 1,4-Butylene Glycol, Tetramethylene Glycol, 1,4-Dihydroxybutane, Butane-1,4-Diol, CAS: 110-63-4, EC: 203-786-5 We sell an environmentally friendly cleaning agent that has numerous uses aside from cleaning such as: -raw material for manufacturing carrier solvent in print ink compositions, -designing and developing new materials used in 3d printing, -plasticizer in polyesters and celulosis materials, -cleaning agent with no smelling and unique and strong properities dissolving dirt where standard cleaning agents do not work, -adhesive in leather, plastics, polyester lamesinates and polyurethane footwear, -ingredient print-head clog remover, -wood preservative.
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1,4 BDO cleaner 14 cleaner - 79241

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90.0 USD/pcs 90.0 USD

Minimum order: 1 L

Supply ability: 500 L/per day

Xi'an Golt Biotech Co., Ltd.
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United States of America
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