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НБТ2М/С ВИЗИОН® Termo Face Shield

OOO PKF Forteks
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GOST R 12.4.023-84, GOST In conformity with the requirements of Customs Union Regulation 019/2011 "Individual Protective Equipment Safety", EN 166 Specifications of headband face shields: • expanded screen of hard, optically transparent material (shock-proof and heat-resistant polycarbonate) – for protection against high-speed flying particles with high-energy impact. For better ergonomics, it has downward-sloping shape, prevents discomfort at turning or bending head; • screen extended for extra reliable protection of neck and upper chest against mechanical wounding and high temperature; • screen coated against abrasion and scratching; • optical grade 1; • larger peak of shock-proof and heat-resistant SUPER Termotrek® material with addition of heat-reflecting metal particles (Zytel® materials by DuPont™ company are employed). Peak shock-proof and heat-resistant, offers better protection against ultraviolet and infrared radiation, sparks and sprays of molten metal, reserves logotype space; • headband with soft and hygienically fit replaceable forehead blind spec can be adjusted by size: top piece above, and back piece behind. Adjustments by size make it possible to accurately match and reliably fix shield on user’s head and thus prevent slipping down, especially when with headwear on. Headband model peculiarities: RAPID – smooth, more accurate back piece adjustment with wheel. RECOMMENDED for extreme labour conditions under elevated temperatures in the ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering industry, fuel & energy complex, at forging, hot pressing, quenching and rolling of metals in various industries, protection against infrared radiation. APPLICATION: face shields provide protection of the head, eyes and face against hard particles, abrasives, sparks and sprays of liquids noncorrosive to the screen, against high temperature, sparks and sprays of molten metal, ultraviolet radiation in a wide temperature range, and make it possible to comfortably work while wearing corrective glasses and respirators. Work temperature range: -20°C to +250°C

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