Magnesium Sulfate 7-Hydrate
Magnesium Sulfate 7-Hydrate
Magnesium Sulfate 7-Hydrate
Описание товара
Offer for distributors, customers, export traders and export brokers. Why is magnesium sulfate in demand in the European market? - Universal fertilizer suitable for any crop and not disturbing the pH balance of the soil.- It is used as an additive for road surface - a component of magnesia cement. - In cosmetology it acts as a sedative and the basis of therapeutic baths. - Also it used in household chemistry and in the production of pulp and paper industry.   Questions that may arise. Do you have all the documents? Each transaction takes place officially and accompanies by a full package of documents. What is the shelf life of your products? Shelf life - 5 years. Are the prices state in the offer final? No, this price is relevant for you in a given period of time. Depending on the volume, discounts are offered. How soon will I receive my products? It depends on the volume of the order. We are interested in doing everything on time, so we will coordinate it. What are the payment terms? The company uses a prepayment, also letter of credit, with the reliability of the counterparty bank. Up to 20 tons - 19000 ₽. per tons  Up to 100 tons 18000 ₽. per tons Up to 500 tons 17000 ₽. per tons Over 500 tons 16000 ₽. per tons 

Magnesium Sulfate 7-Hydrate - 48602

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