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Страна: Турция
Отрасли: Не указано
Вид бизнеса: Не указано
Адрес: Турция
Сайт: Не указано

The PHANILA is an international underwear brand with over 30 years of work experience on a global scale, as being in an innovative perspective. The PHANILA's high quality products are designed and produced in Turkiye Our present markets; Western and Eastern European countries, Middle East and Gulf countries, African countries, Central and South American countries. OUR QUALITY CONCEPTION; The PHANILA accepts quality as a dynamic merit rather than static. The PHANILA evaluates the the product quality ultimately as a potential to generate happiness as determined by all the production processes that interact with the customer directly or indirectly. The PHANILA does not degrade the quality-approach to a tangible or abstract product being a subject to the trading. Correspondingly, all of the activities and interactions surrounding the product and increasing the sense of satisfaction are the most important elements of the quality. The PHANILA believes that the quality generates a potential for the maximum happiness that is produced by a business comprehension which manages the prospects, but not a business comprehension which is managed and drifted by the prospects.

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