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О компании
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Сингапур, 21 Tuas West Drive
At Super, we’ve spent years perfecting tasty and convenient food and beverage products for our customers to enjoy every day. A leading instant F&B brand owner, we own more than 300 instant beverages and convenient food products distributed in 52 countries around the world. Our positive attitude has helped us achieve dynamic synergy with our partners and secure our position as one of the leading brand owners of consumer retail products. Never satisfied with the ordinary, we manufacture food ingredients used in the production of consumer products. We are one of the few companies in the world with key raw materials selection and manufacturing capabilities in the selection of coffee beans and production of instant soluble coffee powder, cereal flakes and non-dairy creamer. Notably, our instant soluble coffee powder plant is one of the largest in Southeast Asia.

Ever since, Super have now established 15 strategic manufacturing facilities in 6 different countries. There’s always something to look forward to with Super. We’re committed to creating value for all our customers and stakeholders, promising quality, reliability, optimism to our customers and partners. To put it simply, we go the extra mile to keep those smiles in check for years to come.
We aspire to be a world class manufacturer of great food and beverages so we can put a smile on our customers’ faces every day. We see a Super product in every home and during every daily occasion, the perfect companion when savouring life’s little joy.
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