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Оформление интерьера, Детская мебель, Мебельная фурнитура, Корпусная мебель, Мебель для дома Испания, Trebol Mobiliario Marchio della Ditta Furniture & Designs Valencia 2013 sl (ES) Avda. Alquería de Mina, 53, 2ª
Really are you worried in safety of your children when you go to buy furniture for the room?
Some timber used for furniture production can be harmful for health (emission of formaldehydedue to the decomposition of the resins used for wood dust caking which is a basic component of these products). Formaldehyde, also known as methanol, is a colorless gas with a suffocating odor that is used as a component of many resins as polyketals, formadelhido phenol, melamine, etc ... The presence of formaldehyde in the air, is one of the most common causes of poor indoor air quality without forgetting the potential harmful long-term effects of those exposed. At low concentrations formaldehyde causes eye irritation, respiratory tract and skin. Inhalation of high concentrations offormaldehyde causes severe irritation of the respiratory tract, reaching even cause death. However, the most important feature of toxicity is consideration as carcinogenic category 3.
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