Ingaflor 10% oral powder
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1. GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1. Ingaflor 10% oral powder (INGAFLOR 10% ORAL POWDER) 1.2. Ingaflor 10% oral powder is an antibacterial drug for oral administration, containing florfenicol 100 g as an active ingredient, and two excipients tixosil 1.0 g and dextrose monohydrate up to 1000 g. 1.3. In appearance, the drug is a white or almost white crystalline powder, odorless, for inclusion in animal feed. 1.4. The drug is produced packaged in multilayer polyethylene bags of 1 kg and 10 kg. 1.5. Store the drug with caution (list B), in a cool and dry place, protected from direct sunlight, at a temperature not lower than + 25 ° C. Keep out of reach of children. 1.6. Shelf life of the veterinary medicinal product, in its original packaging: 2 years. 2. PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIES 2.1. Ingaflor 10% oral powder contains the active ingredient: florfenicol. The drug is used in veterinary medicine as an antibacterial agent. Effective in the treatment of infections caused by gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It is used to treat infections of pigs caused by microorganisms sensitive to the drug, such as Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, E. coli, Salmonella cholerae-suis, Pasteurella, Streptococcus suis, Mycoplasma, as well as some types of anaerobic microorganisms; and in fish for the treatment of furunculosis (peptic ulcer disease), as well as yersiniosis. 3. ORDER OF APPLICATION OF THE PREPARATION 3.1. Target animals: Pigs. Indications for use: pneumonia, enteritis and microorganisms sensitive to the drug. 3.2. Method of application and dosage: pigs 10 mg / kg body weight / day for 5 consecutive days with feed. For the treatment of enzootic pneumonia in pigs: Ingaflor 10% oral powder should be added to the feed add 10 mg of florfenicol per kg of body weight daily. The dose is 200-400 mg / kg of florfenicol in feed - the equivalent of 2 to 4 kg. Ingaflor 10% oral powder per ton of feed administered over 5 consecutive days. 4. PRECAUTIONS 4.1. When working with the drug, you should follow the general rules of personal hygiene and safety measures provided for when working with drugs. 5. PROCEDURE FOR SUBMISSION OF CLAIMS 5.1. In case of complications after using the drug, its use is stopped, and the consumer applies to the State Veterinary Institution in the territory in which he is located. Veterinary specialists of this institution conduct a study of compliance with all rules for the use of the drug in accordance with the instructions ... Upon confirmation of the detection of a negative effect of the drug on the animal's body, veterinary specialists take samples in the required amount for laboratory tests, write a sampling act and send it to the State Institution "Belarusian State Veterinary Center" for confirmation of compliance with regulatory documents. 6. MANUFACTURER 6.1. United Pharma, Hungary Instructions for the use of Ingaflor 10% oral powder were prepared by the applicant Inga Pharm LLC, (Russia, 236016 Kaliningrad, Grazhdanskaya st., 28, building 11)
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