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Viatoss adsorbent of mycotoxins in raw materials and feed for farm animals and poultry General information. Viatoss contains: ammonium salt, gelling agent (polyvinylpyrrolidone), colloidal aluminosilicates tri HSCAS with different charges and cation exchange capacity, micronized excipient. Release form - fine powder from brown to dark brown color. Biological properties. < p> Viatoss inactivates mycotoxins in contact with feed and in the intestines of animals and poultry. The process of inactivation of feed mycotoxins occurs in three different ways: silicate is aimed at the physical binding of polar mycotoxins - aflatoxin, zearalenone, T2 toxin, fumanisin; physical gelation of the gelling substance (3D lattice is formed) in the intestinal lumen; the process of chemical inactivation as a result of structural changes in the mycotoxin molecule, which is converted into net molecule (toxout). How to use it. Viatoss is added to the feed using the existing feed preparation technology. Recommended rates for the introduction of the Viatoss mycotoxin adsorbent ": for prophylaxis - from 500 g to 1.0 kg. per 1 ton of feed; with a low risk of contamination - from 1.0 kg to 1.5 kg per 1 ton of feed; with a high risk of contamination - up to 2.0 kg per 1 ton feed; Benefits of Viatoss The adsorbent does not cause side effects even at high rates of introduction. Products of farm animals and poultry after application of Viatoss can be used for food purposes without restrictions. Retains the activity of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients used for feeding in the feed itself and the small intestine. Manufacturer CHEMIFARMA SpA, Italy, Forli, Via Don Eugenio Servadei, 16-47100
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