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ONLINE HINGE PN5-40 - 2826

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Hinge PN5-40 main purpose - fastening vents to the window sash. It can also be used for fastening other non-heavy elements in construction. Hinge Пн5-40 is universal (i.e. it has no left and right sides) and is not detachable.

Available in the following coatings: uncoated, zinc, yellow zinc, polymer (white, antique copper, antique silver, antique bronze)

  • Zinc coating is a decorative and protective coating that protects metal from corrosion and gives the surface of the product a shiny tint.
  • Polymer powder coating - decorative and protective coating. Unlike zinc coating, it protects products from corrosion several times longer. And the decorative component allows you to paint the product in almost any color.

Dimensions: 40x40mm

Thickness: 1, 5mm

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