A4 ON SPRING (white) on the short side.
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A4 SPRING (white) on the short side. Block: 50 sheets, 2 + 0, 80 g offset. Cover: 4 + 0, glossy HD varnish , 250 g of chalk. Substrate: no printing, cardboard 1-st 250 g white. turnover. Winding on a white spring along the short side A notebook is a great souvenir and a business assistant! To make a small souvenir for clients, partners or employees , your branded notebook is perfect! A notebook is a useful and functional thing! Therefore, the happy owners of a beautiful notebook with your corporate identity will not be in debt. In return for an inexpensive gift, you will receive a loyal and trusting attitude towards your company! And this, you see, is expensive! Notepad is a keeper of information and an assistant in business, and now an advertising medium all rolled into one! Branded notebooks are an element of the company's corporate identity. They are printed both for internal use and as small souvenirs for exhibitions, presentations and holidays. Notepads consist of a cover, a block for notes and a backing. We offer printing of notebooks with spring or gluing.
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A4 ON SPRING (white) on the short side. - 2519

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