Alfa Мебель

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USD 71.01 - 142.01/шт
"The table is not sliding, it will not only fit into the interior of a modern apartment, but also add novelty to the already familiar interior. The tabletop is made of wear-resistant laminated chipboard (32 chipboard) of high quality, the ends are finished with PVC edge 2 * 35 1100 * 600 mm 1100 * 700 mm 1200 * 800 mm 1400 * 800 mm Height 760 mm Metal frame with polymer powder coating Metal - 50 * 25 * 1.5mm Square plate The leg is fixed with 6 self-tapping screws 3.5 * 30 ratings Felt pads that protect the floor surface from scratches
USD 49.7 - 63.91/шт
"Chair Lira is a versatile model that is ideal not only for home use, but also in public space. In a restaurant or cafe it has no equal in practicality: a square metal frame with polymer powder coating, an inner seat frame also made of steel. Lira models have a safety margin for decades Frame tube 30 * 15 * 1.5mm Mounting threaded rivet, countersunk screw The ends of the tubes are closed with plastic plugs that protect the floor surface from scratches.
USD 2800.0 - 3500.0/шт
"The Bruno chair will emphasize the individuality of your kitchen without overloading it with unnecessary details. Square metal frame with polymer powder coating, the inner seat frame is also made of steel. This gives the Bruno model a margin of safety for decades. Frame tube profile 30 * 15 * 1.5mm Threaded fastening rivet, countersunk screw The ends of the pipes are closed with plastic plugs, which protect the floor surface from scratches.We use TEDDY fabric, but any fabric can be used
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Hello everyone! Alfa furniture company has been on the market since 2018. We have TWO of our own production facilities in the City of Omsk, we work across the CIS. We produce tables and chairs on a metal frame, we use only high-quality materials. We offer a low price for excellent quality

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