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USD 27.0/шт 27.0
Stylish Women's Lycra Jogger Suit is one of the suits that stands out for its comfort and elegance in the medical apparel industry. The women's lycra two-piece suit is an exceptionally high quality garment designed specifically for women in the healthcare industry. The top and bottom are compatible with each other and the same color, you can choose from a rich range of colors. Lycra suits are made from super-flexible Lycra fabric, which is 75 percent polyester, 21 percent rayon and 4 percent lycra. The costume is easy to wash, does not stain in the washing machine and retains its color brightness for a long time. It can be used for many years thanks to the durability of the kit, which can be easily ironed.
USD 30.0/шт 30.0
The term SoftShell refers to fabrics with a multi-layer construction, the outer layer of which is similar to nylon, and the back layer is like fleece. Modern technologies make it possible to give the fabric optimal performance characteristics during the production process. In fact, one layer of such clothing replaces multi-layer equipment. It is able to: maintain air ventilation; timely remove moisture; keep warm; protect from wind, snow and rain. Softshell jackets are lightweight and small in volume, which allows you to maintain activity and comfort in difficult climatic conditions. Modern synthetic fibers are used in the manufacture of the material ( polyester, polyamide, polyurethane, lycra). Its basis is a soft fabric that can retain heat and pass moisture. During production, it is covered with a durable front layer that protects against external influences. If necessary, a breathable membrane composition is placed between the outer and inner layers. The underside is soft thanks to the fine-fibred micro-lint, which keeps you dry even under intense physical exertion.
USD 21.0 - 24.0/шт
Women's Hijab Suit models are offered to hijab women with rich color options and various body sizes. Models of hijab suits for every taste in 9 color options are easy to use as a surgical uniform. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, the hijabs are suitable for all body sizes and provide comfort when worn. Models made of Lux Terikoton fabric are easy to iron due to their texture. The suits, which are comfortable to wear in any season, are functional thanks to the pockets at the top. The two-piece sets have the desired dimensions and are 90 cm long. They are easy to wash in the washing machine and when washed at 30 degrees, they retain the brightness of their colors for a long time. Press-studs on the sleeves shorten the jersey sleeves to the elbows for ease of use when needed. The composition of the fabric of the hijab suit models consists of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. Women's Hijab Suit models are the ideal clothing for people working in the healthcare industry. It is easily used in emergency services, surgical services, oncology services, cardiac services, children's clinics and many other services. Models that provide elegance and comfort, satisfy every taste with their design.
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The Terikoton men's suit is a comfortable two-piece piece of medical clothing. The underwear and outerwear are made in the same color and harmony, the collars of the outerwear are made in the form of a V-shaped neckline. Outerwear has a total of three pockets on the hem and on the chest. Tericotone suits are made of polyester and cotton, made of stretchy and sweat-resistant fabric. Its light and thin structure ensures comfort during working hours. Made with superior Bambina Textile technology, Tericotone suits are one of the most preferred products as hospital uniforms. There are models suitable for all body sizes, a wide variety of color options for every taste. The Terikoton men's suit is functionally used in ambulance services, oncology, cardiology, surgery, and children's clinics. Made from high-tech, durable fabrics, suits keep healthcare workers fresh and elegant all day long. Terikoton suits, which can be combined with aprons and slippers, are very easy to clean. If it is washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees, it is extremely durable, easy to iron, and does not wrinkle.
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Signal reflective vest
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Production of school clothes of any models. We offer tailoring of school uniforms at affordable prices
USD 15.0/шт 15.0
Overalls for staff of restaurants, cafes
USD 15.0/шт 15.0
Overalls for staff of restaurants, cafes and shops
USD 6.0 - 26.0/шт
Chef Aprons
USD 10.0/шт 10.0
University academic doctoral regalia and graduation gown/gown
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Working suit with reflective stripes
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Dark blue summer and winter work suit made of gabardine.
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Bambina Textile has been in the workwear and personal protective equipment industry for nearly 20 years. At our manufacturing facilities located in Istanbul and Sakarya, we manufacture our workwear and personal protective equipment in accordance with international quality standards, maintaining elegance, reliability, competitive prices and fast delivery in the fields of health, safety, tourism, gastronomy, etc. .Our company can provide workwear, with a wide range, in every field, this is our main task. The manufacturing process starts with unconditional customer satisfaction and we use fabrics that meet international quality standards. Products are delivered to our customers, passing through the quality control phase from production to delivery by our experienced management staff. Why Bambina Textile? The design of our clothes can change at the request of the client. Fast delivery Competitive prices Wide range of sectors and products

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