Beach towel Beechbird Trip to Russia
Beach towel Beechbird Trip to Russia
Beach towel Beechbird Trip to Russia
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The product is woven in a special loom, the inner side is made of 100% cotton, and the printed side is made of a mixture of velvet and polyester (extra soft). Printing on products is the highest quality in Turkey and in the world. Due to the very high water-absorbing capacity of the product, you can use it in all business and tourist trips. Tests of detergents have been carried out, and although they are exposed to high sunshine, they do not fade. Product dimensions 75 cm X 150 cm Product weight 430 gr. Easy, convenient and provides comfortable use. For use: beach, festivals, yoga, travel, picnic, etc. Beach towels from Beechbird brand are number 1 in the beach towel category throughout Turkey.
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Beach towel Beechbird Trip to Russia - 41773

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USD 14.0 - 15.0 USD

أجل الحد الأدنى: 20 шт

القدرة على التسليم: 10000 шт/في الشهر

Пляжные полотенца
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İstanbul, تركيا
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