Sugar Bowl
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Sugar bowls can be used to store food (sugar, honey, jam, jam). It also fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, dining room or living room, both as part of a set, and in a single copy. Sugar bowl carved from whole wood (aspen or linden) has a lid and spoon (individually) and is made in accordance with the traditional Khokhloma gilding technology. Traditional product painting - "Khokhloma painting". At the request of the customer, production with a different type of painting is possible: "Kudrina" and "Green Background". Varnish coating and high-temperature firing makes the product durable, protected from moisture and temperature extremes. All materials used in the production are natural and environmentally friendly.Sugar bowl on the leg. Size: height 145 mm, diameter 100 mm. Material: linden, food varnish.Possible execution of a variant with a spoon.You can buy sugar bowls from the manufacturer in the company ABRIS LLC. We work without intermediaries, so we do not overcharge. Like all other products of our company (spoons, ladles, cutting boards, magnets and key chains, etc.), sugar bowls are produced using unique technologies by experienced craftsmen. In view of this, our products are in truly high demand in many regions of Russia, Europe and Asia.
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Sugar Bowl - 46051

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USD 5.34 - 9.15 USD

أجل الحد الأدنى: 50 шт

القدرة على التسليم: 200 шт/في الشهر

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Семенов, روسيا
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