Gift box; a gift for a man on February 23; for a birthday
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Gift box Tank for beer original gift for a man: February 23, a birthday present for a man, a gift for the new year. This minibar for drinks for a gift to a man holds three standard cans of beer or other soft drink with a volume of 0.5 liters. The turret of the tank can accommodate various snacks, sweets, socks or other small gift for a man. The size of this compartment is 9x7 cm. The gift box "Tank for beer on February 23" is delivered disassembled, it is easy to assemble it according to the instructions. The jar tank is made of 3 mm sanded plywood, all parts are fixed tightly and without glue to each other. The size of the wooden tank is 25x16x12 cm. On February 23, any man will like a gift in such a gift box: husband, father, son, grandfather, colleague. A creative gift can also be colored together with the child and given to dad or grandfather on February 23rd or as a birthday present or as a New Year's gift.
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Gift box; a gift for a man on February 23; for a birthday - 75383

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