Горный мёд

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Горный мёд
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Due to its unique natural properties, the benefits of this type of honey cannot be overestimated; it is used to treat and prevent many diseases. The nectar is collected by bees in the foothills and at the foot of the mountains. These places are ecologically clean, which ensures the high quality of natural mountain honey. Bees collect nectar from such rare flowers as lemon balm, thyme, leuzea, phacelia oregano, pink radiola, bruise, hawthorn and other plants. This is the reason for the especially valuable taste and healing properties of natural mountain honey. Its color is different, as a rule, from straw-yellow to light brown. The honey is very fragrant, delicate, with a taste of flowers and fruits. The quality of different varieties of this honey also depends on the slope of the mountain. It crystallizes with the appearance of very small granules, can harden so that it will be difficult to spread it on bread. Natural mountain honey is used in the treatment of sore throats, runny nose, laryngitis, tracheitis, cardiovascular system and as a general tonic. Possesses strong antibacterial properties. It is useful for atherosclerosis, liver diseases, increased thyroid function, as well as - as a sedative for nervous diseases and insomnia. Traditional medicine advises to use it for dizziness and shortness of breath. Scientific medicine recommends this type of honey in diabetic diets as it does not require the presence of insulin. Most often, mountain honey is used to treat diseases of the respiratory and respiratory tract, for eye diseases such as keratitis, conjunctivitis, as well as those caused by the herpes virus. For many respiratory diseases, inhalations using mountain honey are used. In gynecology, mountain honey is used mainly in compresses. It is also useful in the treatment of purulent sinusitis. Note: when heated above 50 ° C, honey loses its properties and its value will not be higher than sugar syrup.
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