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Ningbo, الصين
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Glass or crystal vessel for drinks, large shot glass. There are glasses: for champagne; for fruit and berry juices, fruit and berry cocktails with ice cream or milkshakes.
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أدوات المطبخ, كل شيء للمطبخ, أجهزة المطبخ, كل شيء للمنزل والمكتب, أدوات مائدة, الديكور الداخلي الصين, Ningbo, Kapimex China Office Unit 502, Block1, Dixing Plaza, Baihe Road, Hi-tech Zone,

The Kapimex company known under the Gusta brand, headquartered in the Netherlands, is famous for the quality and unique design of its products. The Gusta brand was created for people who love delicacies in food preparation and table setting. Our clients have the opportunity to furnish every corner of their home with our decor items. Unique style. New collections, which are presented every season, follow bold design decisions. The production of goods is located in Holland, China and India. Product quality meets international standards. The clients of our company are mainly European countries, such as Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, etc. Kapimex wants to enter the Russian and CIS markets.

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