Chemical Wholesaler

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Chemical Wholesaler
USD 11.12/шт 11.12
Pampers Active Baby-Dry diapers. Revolutionary technology helps to distribute moisture evenly through 3 absorbent channels and lock it to a lock, preventing the formation of a wet lump between the legs in the morning. These diapers are so comfortable and dry that you wonder where all the pee-pee has gone! Features: 3 absorbent channels. Absorbent pearl microbeads. DRY layer: absorbs moisture and prevents it from coming into contact with baby's delicate skin. Cotton-soft top layer. Breathable materials: allow air to circulate inside the diaper. Stretch sidewalls: for comfortable use and protection against leaks.
Chemical Wholesaler
USD 0.49/шт 0.49
Powder synthetic detergent. For washing in all types of machines. For colored laundry
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Household chemicals in Almaty wholesale. We have been working since 2013. You can always order wholesale goods from the most famous foreign manufacturers of household chemicals, hygiene products, household goods, cosmetics, cleaning and detergents, as well as disinfectants. The format of work is wholesale household chemicals in large, medium and small sizes. Large assortment of goods in stock. Delivery the next day after the application. Buying household chemicals in large quantities, you get good discounts. We invite shops, hostesses, pharmacies, laundries, cafes and restaurants to cooperate. Become our regular partner for household chemicals in Almaty and develop your business selling household chemicals with us!

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